I just forgot about God the Mother[WMSCOG]

wmscog2Forgetting at an instant

For a long time, my mom all alone raised us; four daughters.

Looking back at those years, I don’t know how she managed to raise us up all by herself.   I cannot even conceive the idea of raising four children all by myself, but I guess it was all possible for her because she was my mom.    Few years ago, my mom had a big surgery.

Though she had to rest, because of the wretched circumstances, she just had to work strenuously.

Though we all grew up and became adults, since we were busy, we didn’t know or forgot how strenuous it was for her.

When mom comes home from work, she starts doing the housework right away.

After ten, she comes to my room and talks about her daily routine.

She isn’t a talk-active person, but these days she frequently stops by and talks to me a lot.   I really wanted to be nice to her, but I was exhausted. So I tend to listen to her vacantly.

Seeing how I reacted, she would quickly end her conversation and leave my room.

When this happens, I feel sorry for her.   I always make a resolution that I wouldn’t repeat this mistake again, but it happens to me all the time.

One day, seeing her leaving my room, her shoulders seemed so small.

When I and my sisters were young, she didn’t have a moment to talk with us.

That is why we always went to her to talk with her.   Whenever we did, she never showed how tired she was.

She always listened to all what we have said, but I didn’t.   Few days ago, my mom said that she had pain in her arms and legs.   I just told her to “go to the hospital,” and when she repeatedly said that every day, I started to ignore.   When I started to think lying down my bed, it reminded me that my mom had a surgery for cancer.   I forgot that she wasn’t a healthy person at all.   I felt ashamed that I just told her to go to the hospital.

During break time in my working place, I started to search for good medicine and food for my mom.

Thinking that I simply just needed to turn on the computer and type some words, I felt so sorry.   The reason how I could grow up without any trouble was because of my mom’s sacrifice.

And I…   I always forgot about her when I turned my back, went to work, and while I was having a hard time.   At this moment, Heavenly Mother is also next to me, praying for me continuously every day, every second.

But I always forgot.

Just because of the world that I am living in, because I was busy, because I was exhausted…   I just forgot about Her.

About Heavenly Mother who came down to this earth, who is sacrificing for me.   I truly want to be a filial daughter for my mom and to my Heavenly Mother.

I want to be a filial daughter who gives joy, happiness, and smiles.



The Mother and the Bee [World Mission Society Church of God]

godthemother3The Mother and the Bee

One hot summer day, a little boy was playing on the backyard.

Didn’t know why, but a huge bee was buzzing furiously on top of his head.

The more the child tried to hide from it, the bee flew over him more.

His fear went to extreme, so he went to his mother’s arms and cried.

Seeing her child with fear, the mother quickly covered his body with her skirt, and covered his face with her hands.

Then the bee stung the mother’s arm instead of the child’s, and the poisonous sting was stuck in her arm, so deep enough that it couldn’t be removed.

Afterwards, the bee couldn’t fly further away and was crawling on the mother’s arm.

Bearing the pain, the mother said,

“My dear, don’t fear and come out. I have placed myself instead of you. Since the bee hurt me, it can’t hurt you no more.”

Source from: ‘Resting Place Volume 2’ PSC

I give thanks to boundless love of Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the mother

I also  give love to another people as Elohim God always gives love


A meal[Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother]

godthemother1A meal

“…the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.” (Isa 53: 5)

When I was having lunch after reading this verse recently, a thought flitted through my mind.

“Do I, as a mere sinner deserve to have this wonderful meal?”

On the table, there were boiled rice, some various side dishes and even delicious stew. What about Father Ahnsahnghong?  He would never have had even a chance to eat one single bowl of warm rice in this world.  Thinking of Heavenly Father who would have preached in the mountain, alleviating His hunger with hardtack and streams, my eyes suddenly ached with tears.

Then I realized that just as Father was whipped for me, such a prodigal sinner, all hunger and raggedness were suffered by Him as well.       Even though I always eat square three meals a day, I have never thought about where this peace and comfort we are enjoying right now might come from.  Without the sacrifice and love of God the Father, and God the Mother. We never exist right now.       Our Father Ahnsahngong! I am sorry but give thanks to You.  Even though You always starved, You used to give something to Your children.  Father always loves me with sincerity, even though I continue to commit a sin against Him.

Now, as Father asked us to do, I would like to become children of God, who follows God the  Mother until the end wherever She goes.   I intensely miss Father.

I hope we could be with Father and Mother soon.


When God the Father and God the Mother feel the most pleased[WMSCOG]

godthemother5When God the Father Ahnsahnghong-nim and God the Mother feel the  most pleased

It’s been a long time since all my relatives got together.  One cousin confessed that he could understand parent’s hearts after getting married and my parents said a few words to him.

“Do you know when is the happiest moment for parents?  When the food that they made with love and care goes into children’s mouth, it pleases them the most.”

This remark gave me a lot to think about.  Our spiritual parents also would feel the most pleased when Their children eat and drink the bread and wine of the Passover that They allowed to us.

We should not forget our Parents’ mind.

“And he said to them, I have eagerly desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer.” (Luke 22:15)

Maternal Love in the Snowstorm [World Mission Society Church of God]

wmscog8Maternal Love in the Snowstorm

One man was traveling on a horse.

It was an awfully cold weather in the snowstorm.

It didn’t even take a while until he met a woman finding her way to her husband; carrying her child on her back.

Pitying them, the man got them on the horse.

Despite of herself being cold, the woman covered her child with her outer garment.

Though the child was sleeping cozily in its mother’s arms, the mother was about to freeze to death.   Her body started becoming stiff and was nearly falling asleep.

The mother surely was about to die…   Noticing this, the man suddenly got her off the horse and took her child and went off.   The mother couldn’t stop but ran after the man screaming, to give her child back.

The man wouldn’t listen and just kept on going.

At a certain point, the man stopped the horse.

When the mother was catching her breath, the man asked, “You’re not cold anymore, are you?”

Then the man took them on the horse and they safely arrived to the place where they were heading to.

Source from : ‘A letter written with today’s happiness’ SSU

I give truly thanks to heavenly  father and heavenly mother for serving us,sinner.


Thought I Could Just Become a God the Mother [WMSCOG]

wmscog.orgThought I Could Just Become a Mother

Just like the monsoon rain pouring during the hot summer, heart aching rain flows continuously in my heart.

My child is sick.

I cannot raise my head up, thinking that it’s all my fault.

I thought I could just become a mother.   I thought being a mother was the easiest task.

That’s why I always wanted to become a mother.   Delivering a beautiful baby, raising, and educating well just like others; were my hope.

But in reality, it wasn’t easy at all.

Mother’s life was her child’s shadow.

Even when I wanted to eat something, my child was first.

Even when I wanted to do something, my child was always next to me.

Though I wanted to have a day off, there was a pile of laundry.

And I always had to be my child’s friend.   Mother was just a mother…   Though there is an exhausting, tiresome, disregarding day, the mother needed to follow after the child like his shadow.

I was really a foolish mother.

I didn’t notice that my child was sad, when he was.

I didn’t notice that my child was hurt, when he was.

I just thought my child would grow up on his own.

But that was just my wrong idea.

My child is always anxious…   He thirsts for love, just like when he gulps water in thirst.

As I didn’t notice, that was my fault.

From now on, I would become a true mother.

From now on, I will plant the existence of his mother in my child’s heart, and show him hope.

And for his mother, today is the day to be born again.

And for her child, today is the day to be born again.

I look up in the skies…   It’s a beautiful cloudless autumn sky, and cool wind enters my heart.   They are all gifts given by our Heavenly Mother.

“Cheer up my child, everything’s going to be all right. Cheer up.”   “Yes, Mother.”   I shout, “Animo, animo!” aloud inside my heart.

Our Mother always first looks after the child who is sick.    Our Mother always first embraces the child who is having the hardest time.

Out Mother always first embraces the most foolish child.

Just like how She did, I, a foolish mother, would also do likewise.

Just like how Mother looked after our hearts, I would now like to consider my child’s heart.

Thinking of God the Mother who is constantly praying in Her place, I would like to look after my child with Her heart.

I think of the day when my child and I am embracing in Her heart.

I thank God the Mother for sending my child for me, a foolish mother.

Eat well and be healthy[World Mission Society church of God]

wmscog2Eat well and be healthy

“Caitlyn, eat your breakfast!”

Without considering my urgent voice, there she goes again dawdling…   “If you don’t hustle, you wouldn’t make to school!”

Another usual talk that goes every morning to my seven-year-old daughter, wasting her time; not wanting to eat her breakfast.

As they always say, “breakfast is the most essential meal of the day,” my child would grow well when she had hardy breakfast, but when she didn’t, she would get sick quite often and wouldn’t grow.

I try my best for her to eat breakfast, but it doesn’t seem to work out easily.

One day, I happened to notice myself putting pressure on her to eat up her breakfast.

Though Heavenly Mother gave me spiritual food every day, I noticed that I was stubbornly dawdling like my daughter.

In the meantime, though I was preaching the words of life to others, I wasn’t quite full with the Holy Spirit, but lacking 2%. It was all because I haven’t taken my spiritual food regularly.

We need to eat three meals a day regularly for us to maintain a healthy body.

Likewise, I realized that we consistently needed to eat spiritual food with thanks, elaborately prepared by our Heavenly Mother for our souls to grow strongly.

Despite of all this, it was a common thing for me delaying; becoming all lazy and saying to myself, “I’m too busy today,” or “I have lots of things to do, I’ll do this tomorrow.”

Now I began to realize that I shouldn’t delay no more.

For me to realize, Mother showed myself through my daughter.

Through her, Mother makes me feel how Mother considers me and hastens me every morning for me to eat up my spiritual food.

For breakfast, I would have strengthening food called fragrance of Zion, for lunch, I would be ruminating with Father’s hidden manna – the truth of green feed, and for supper, I would be drinking Mother’s water of life that she pours down on us at all seasons of the year.   Through this, I would like to become a mature child who gives a smile on Mother’s face.

Not leaving this foolish, dying child all alone, reviving me with spiritual food, and leading me to the eternal kingdom of heaven; I give eternal thanks for Her great love and grace.


The One who saved me with His precious blood…“Christ Ahnsahnghong.”

fatherA Half of a Fingernail

Being clumsy with the kitchen knife, I had a day when I almost cut half of my finger nail preparing a meal.

My finger wouldn’t stop bleeding, so I quickly put gauze over it and tied it up with some rubber band. By the time I almost finished preparing the meal, my hand was burning and sore.

As my tears that I held back dropped down my eyes, someone flitted through my mind.

The One who saved me with His precious blood…   “My God the Father Ahnsahnghong.”   With that thought, I engraved God’s unfathomable love in my heart.

Even cutting almost a half of my fingernail approaches me as a fear of pain.

Having His whole body full of blood, how much pain would He had felt?

The pain that I had removing the gauze that wouldn’t just come off easily that clung on the skin, cannot be compared to Father’s pain; taking off the robe forcefully that clung on His body all covered with blood.

The reason why He did not open His mouth when He was oppressed and afflicted,

The reason why He did not open His mouth like a lamb to the slaughter,

It is for my transgressions, my iniquities, and to bring me peace.

After I, myself have experienced and felt the pain, my heart burned realizing God’s love towards me.

The One who loved me until His whole body was all sore,

The One who loved me even enduring the mockery of His creation,

With what kind of word from this world can we describe Father’s greatness?

Not even once, but He had endured twice, of the stinging pain of His whole body.

How can we dare know the end of Elohim God’s love for the sinner?   For Elohim God’s love, that nothing can exceed, I give all thanks with my whole heart.ahnsahnghong3

[Mexico] Volunteers from the World Mission Society Church of God and a Kitlas organization cooperated to clean up the Pesquería River

wmscog001Newspaper: ABC De Monterrey       Date: January 28, 2013

Dozens of volunteers from the World Mission Society Church of God and a Kitlas organization, supported by the Monterrey Public Service, performed a clean-up campaign around the Pesquería River in Riberas del Rio, northwest of Monterrey.

Jose Luis Hernandez, a member of the Church of God, explained that this clean-up activity was designed to awaken universal our consciousness to improve the region in which we all live.

“The love of Elohim God makes us see and do things that we cannot do with our strength,” said the young man. He also added that the environmental clean-up campaign has been being carried out simultaneously around the world.

He stressed that activities like this have been performed three times in Guadeloupe and two times in Monterrey since the beginning of 2012.

“We hope that this activity reaches the hearts of all people so that they can see beyond what they can do,” said Hernandez.


God the Mother wants to give out everything[WMSCOG]

wmscog6Mother wants to give out everything

“Mommy?”   A child called her mother.

“Yeah, you need something?”   It doesn’t take even a second for her to answer her child.

Suddenly I thought…   How much would have she wanted to give away everything what her daughter wished or desired?

On the other hand, I felt so sorry for Heavenly Mother.

Though Heavenly Mother waits for us to call Her, since She knew well what we wished or needed, I didn’t.

Long time ago, I heard there was an aged mother who washed the feet of her grown-up son.

The son was well-known as a filial son.

You might consider the son to be unkind for making his aged mother to wash his feet, but he let her, because that was the most pleasurable joy for his mother.

Listening to all of Her children’s prayers, and most carefully taking care of Her children, without considering Her safety, Heavenly Mother always comes for Her children who calls Her.   Heavenly Mother calls that, “Her joy,” and just waits to give out thousands of blessings that She prepared for Her children.

This child, calls You, Mother.

This child, calls You, for the blessings to find all of the lost spiritual brothers and sisters.